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What we offer 
  • Classes online/in person 

  • Private classes 

  • Native speaker 

  • Customized classes

  • Language partnership


About us 

¡Hola! I am Diana De Pierola, the Owner/Instructor of Spanish Learning Center LLC. I have been teaching group Spanish lessons in the Madison area since 2018, and I love what I do! Since my first exposure, when I was born, I loved Spanish.  I am from Peru; all my family speaks Spanish and I love to speak it. I studied in a French school, and then I was exposed to English at young age. I love to learn new languages.

It is my goal to get kids excited about Spanish, setting them on the road to being bilingual (Isn’t that awesome?) while opening their hearts and minds to different cultures that are different from their own experiences. 

My style of teaching is active, light hearted through games, songs and activities. We play with the words and learn verbs and phrases to support them.

Learn good conversational Spanish from a native speaker!

¡Gracias por tu mensaje!

Intro Session

Before your first class set up an Intro Placement Session to be assessed to see which class level you should be in. Contact me to set one up!



La educacion es el arma mas poderosa que puedes usar para cambiar el mundo.”

Nelson Mandela

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